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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Power of Words

Can you take two minutes, right here, and watch this little video.  Then I will explain.  The Power of Words. (Click to the left.  It’s really only 2 minutes, I promise.) 

A week ago a friend returning to running after a long hiatus proudly posted on facebook that she had met her running goal for the day and had run 7 miles.  She also admitted that she had gotten lost and had to walk an extra 4.5 miles to get back to her car.  Many people congratulated her on her success and lamented the extra walk.  In the course of the conversation she mentioned that she was a slow runner, so much so that her son told her she was not allowed to call what she does running.  She is “merely” jogging. 

This woman ran 7 miles.  I cannot today.  Most women cannot.  I defy anyone to marginalize her accomplishment, to lessen her achievement.  As you enter this week of training, I ask you to think about the words you use to describe yourself to others, the words you use to talk to yourself.  Our culture has programmed us to speak with humility, to downplay our accomplishments. 

Perhaps your victory this week is to fit in all your workouts.  Perhaps your muscles ached from lifting weights.  Maybe you ran a 7:30 mile or swam a 1000 meters.  Perhaps you rode your bike over some big hills or made it two lengths of the pool without stopping.  Perhaps you said out loud that you were doing a triathlon. 

We each have our own journey, our own successes.  My victory this week:  Today I walked/mostly ran 3 miles in 36 minutes.  I am proud of this.  6 weeks ago I could not run a block. 

I am asking you to defy your cultural conditioning and proudly post here your training successes.  Each of you has victories that may seem like nothing to someone younger, more successful, more able, but to you, they are victories.  We are all on this journey both together and alone.  The words we use to talk about this journey matter.  Your words to yourself matter.  I am asking you to talk about yourself with pride, to graciously accept that you have accomplished something, even if it is not as impressive as someone else’s victory.  The only race you are running here is with yourself. Let’s be together, support each other, love each other by celebrating all these victories.

From this moment forward, this is your mantra: 

I'm a winner. I can do this. I am beautiful. I'm worth it, I'm good enough. I'll survive. It's tough, but I'm tougher! I can make it... I WILL make it. I'll reach my goal. I AM loved. I am special. I am Blessed.

Tell yourself daily. Declare it, don't just think it, say it out loud. And speak that same truth to the people around you.

Train safely, hydrate, eat well, sleep, stretch.
Safe Journey.  Wind at your back.

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