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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chlorine is MY Perfume

Awesome Tri triBE members,
Dawn Young and Marie Leticee
at the end of the swim in 2011!

Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked.  ~Warren Buffett

I thought to try to summarize all the good learning from our clinics.  My thanks to the fabulous Anne Marie Stricklin for a fabulous swim clinic!  This is the first of a 3 part series. 

Minimum training equipment:
·         Swim suit
·         Goggles (Light colored and polarized for race day)
·         Swim cap (one will be provided for race day)

Additional training and race day equipment:

·         Tri suit (One piece or two piece work great on race day)
·         Antifog drops for goggles
·         Kick Board
·         Pull Buoy
·         Paddles

15 Swimming Tips for Success: 

·    Go the Distance: Train until you are able to complete the race distance in your preferred stroke without stopping.
·    Mix it Up: Add other workout activities (kicking, pulling, other strokes) once you feel confident.  You can find some samples here and here.
·    Technique Matters:  Have someone you trust look at your stroke and make suggestions.  Alternatively you can watch videos. You can find some here.
·    Head to the Lake:  Be sure to do at least one open water swim before race day.  Open water swimming is very different.
·    Roll Over:  Practice rolling on your back so that if you start to feel panicky, you can get some air.
·    Practice Sighting:  You must lift your head and look forward, as you will need to spot buoys on race day. Practice looking forward unless you plan to swim the entire race breaststroke.
·    Know the Course:  Check out the course before you start and be sure you know where you are going before, during, and after the swim. 
·    Hug the Buoys:  Plan to swim on the “inside track” on race day to minimize the total distance you must swim.  Stay close to the buoys. Try to swim straight!
·    Start Slow:  If you are nervous at the start, count to 5 before you begin to let the stronger swimmer get in front of you.  Is 5 seconds really going to matter?
·    Ask for Help: There will be many boats and swim angels in the water.  They are there to help.  If you need a friend or a noodle, just ask.
·    Be Ready for Contact:  Someone will kick or hit you during the race.  You may hit or kick someone.  Just keep swimming
·    Don’t Stop:  It doesn’t matter how slowly or which stoke you swim as long as you keep swimming.
·    Finish:  Swim until your hands brush the bottom or you can see the bottom.  At that point you will be in 3 feet of water and can stand up and wade out.
·    Celebrate Your Success:  Take a moment and raise your arms!  You survived!  You made it!  Whew!

Please feel free to add your questions or suggestions below! 

We swim because we are too sexy for a sport that requires clothes.  ~Unknown

Train safely, eat well, hydrate, stretch, sleep.
Safe Journey.  Wind at your back. 

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