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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tri triBE Roars in Moss Park

So I’m right in the middle of a 3 part series on Triathlon preparation, but I’ll have to finish that later, because I am so excited!  This weekend seven members of the triBE met up in Moss Park for the Spring Fling Triathlon Festival and I have to tell you, it was an awesome good time.  The course was slightly shortened, perfect for a first race, and the weather was awesome.  So were the results!

Trish Horel was back in the open water for the first time since last year’s Danskin with some unfinished business.  Last year she had a flat on the ride, so it was great to see her get back on the bike and have a strong race.  I don’t know if she knows this, but her 2.8 mile run was almost 4 minutes faster than last year’s 3.1 mile Danskin run.  Her response to today’s race:  “Good race.  I need to get in the pool more.”

Trish, Nicole, Marie, Deb, Sara, Amanda
Nicole Ledbetter is working her way up to a full triathlon.  Last year’s “swim only” turned into today’s aquabike which will lead to a full triathlon in May.  Nicole was third in today’s race!  At the end of last year she said, “Screw lupus.  I’m doing the whole thing.” She’s right on track!  Her response to today’s race: “I can’t wait for the Corporate 5K next month.  Oh, and I need to get in the pool more.”

Donna Walker completed her first triathlon ever this weekend and now proudly wears the moniker, TRIATHLETE!  She also earned the nickname “Mountain Bike” as she heard lots of fellow bikers cheering “Go Mountain Bike!”   She’s looking to borrow a racing bike, so if anyone has an extra, she’d be grateful.  She overcame some jitters at the start of the swim and finished strong.  Her response to today’s race:  Tears of joy!  And “I need to get in the pool more.” 

Amanda Dean rejoined the triBE after a long hiatus.  She’s been exploring the amazing sport of Adventure Racing, long distance canoeing, mountain biking, and trail running with orienteering.  A “short” race is 3 hours!  Her last triathlon was in 2008 and so she returned to the sport by doing the “My First Tri” category which features a shortened swim.  And she had a heck of a race, overcoming her nervousness at the start of the swim and becoming the category champion!   Her response to today’s race:  “I need to get in the pool more.”

Trish, Deb, Donna, Amanda, Sara
Marie Leticee finished her 2nd triathlon today by winning her age group!  After learning to swim for last year’s race, she back in the open water, conquering her fears and knocking 3 minutes off her swim time unassisted.  There were no swim angels at today’s race!  Marie continues to rock on.  Her response to today’s race despite the fact that she’s run a marathon: “That run was really hard.”

I also completed the aquabike as I continue to struggle with a sore hamstring, making running a bad idea.  It was nice to win this race, as it plays to my strengths.  I loved the bike course in particular as it was flat, windless, and wide open.  I lost my bike odometer before the race and my wristwatch malfunctioned, thus I did the entire race “blind.” To be honest, it was really nice to not know my time and just ride hard.  And not surprisingly, I really didn’t miss the run at all.  My response to today’s race:  “Man, that was sooo fun!”

The amazing Sara Dowdy joined us for the sprint and was the overall race champion!  She too is struggling with an injury, and we talked her out of the Olympic distance so she could rest her foot.  She ran a very strong race, and it is always so great to spend the morning with someone who is so positive and so supportive.  Her response to today’s race: “I’m satisfied with my time.  I had some pain on the run, but it was fun!”

Some lessons and thoughts from today’s race
  • Everyone should practice a complete triathlon.
  • Open water swimming is very dark.  Do a lake swim soon!
  • We all could use a little more time in the pool.
  • No matter how strong you are, the end of the race is going to be hard.
  • Make sure all your equipment is working well, but if it fails, adapt.
  • Plan to be dirty!  There's lake water, sand, mud, and sweat.  
  • This triathlon business is really, REALLY fun!
Train safely, stretch, eat well, hydrate, sleep.
Safe journey friends.  Wind at your back! 

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