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Monday, May 14, 2012

Of Silver Linings and Such

He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.  ~Epictetus

So sometimes things don’t turn out the way you had hoped.  When I got to the half way point of the race yesterday, it was clear that this was not going to be a made for TV movie where I overcame tremendous odds and somehow defeated my demons and had my fastest race ever.  In fact, yesterday was truly my worst race in terms of time, and in the world of pain I found myself, I was grateful that I had enough strength to gather myself and run the last 100 yards to the finish as I would have wanted to run the entire race. 
But despite my lack of timed success, I wanted you to know that this day was not all a loss for me.  I had a decent swim in heavy traffic.  My transitions were smooth, fast, and uneventful.  My bike odometer cheerfully reported a lifetime best top speed of 31.5 mph on those wicked, knee-crippling hills
And there was all of you.
I cannot thank you enough for all you did for me in those final miles.  I heard every one of you call to me on the bike course.  I felt every word of encouragement on those final few miles on the run course.  You did everything right in a time when I didn’t think anything could be more wrong.  Every high five from your children and rousing cheer from your families left me awed and humbled.  You held my hand and lifted my heart and my feet to the finish.  And I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to the group of you that came back onto the course to bring me home.  Your presence helped me gather my pride and my courage so that together we could run those final steps.    
There were dozens of triBE stories yesterday and this is but one.  You are remarkable women and in the coming days I will treasure sharing your stories and the pictures that chronicle our journey.  I am hoping you will write your own story or at least tell it to me so that I can post it here.   Please stay tuned and read the tales of your sisters, your team mates.   I know you will feel inspired as I was yesterday and truly experience the power and strength of our triBE. 
I could not sleep without thanking all of you publicly for making this day and this race one I will ever remember.  It was nothing of what I expected and more than I ever dreamed. This triBE is an amazing gift that has come to me out of the ether, a gift in my life like no other.  I am not the same woman that started this race.  I am transformed yet again into something new, something stronger.  I am truly blessed.  Thank you. 

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