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"When anyone tells me I can't do anything, I'm just not listening any more." ~Florence Griffith Joyner

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Life is NOT a Spectator Sport

A friend stands on the sidelines of your life, proudly cheering you on as you win each of life`s battles, but a true friend is there in the fight with you. ~unknown
I’m writing this quick post in the wake of the most watched television event of the year, the Superbowl… Millions of people worldwide watching American football with a cold beverage in one hand and a platter of yum in the other.  We saw some fine athletes, humorous and not so humorous commercials, and a halftime extravaganza.  For three hours we all became spectators. 
Did you catch the emotion at the end of the game?  Win and lose there was plenty to go around.  Hugging, tears, joy, sorrow.  That’s what this whole thing was about, the chance to do something amazing, the chance to be awesome. 
And how about you? When the game ended, did you cry?  Of course not.  You know why?  You weren’t in it.  You didn’t have any “skin in the game.” You didn’t put your heart and your body on the line.  It was just entertainment. 
So as you read this now, I can only say, GAME OVER. 
I hope you had fun, but it’s time to climb off the couch and work off those wings.  I want you in this race with me.  You can cheer from the sidelines, but I’d much rather have you share the victory, the pain, the tears, the pride. You see no matter what happens, having you with me makes it so much better, so much richer, truly more beautiful.  I don’t want you watching me. I want you in the fight.  I want you putting your heart and your pride on the line.  I want you leaping into my arms when you finish. 
There’s a funny facebook post that has been going around. 
“You wake up in a prison cell next to me.  In four words, what do you say?”
In 97 days we’re going to do a triathlon and when you cross the finish line, what four words will you want to say to me? 
You’ll already know the four words I’m going to say to you.
We made it, TOGETHER!

Train safely, eat well, hydrate, stretch, sleep.
Safe journey.  Wind at your back.

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