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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mission Possible

Three things to make you think.

1. This week I stumbled across a blog called the "Blog of Impossible Things." The host is a triathlete who was inspired to quit his job and start the blog and his own business. I haven’t come near reading everything that he wrote, but here is my favorite post I stumbled on thus far. It’ll just take a minute.

The Complete List of Convincing, Unique, and Legitimate Excuses

2. Then I went to a party where I met some new friends that might be interested in our triathlon and talked to others who are on the fence. Seems they were all so worried about all those hills in Clermont. I spent some time trying to convince them not to worry because I think it comes down to this… The worst that happens is you get off your bike and walk it up the hill. Yep, the WORST that happens is you walk...

So a little 2:42 second video that solves this problem. Just Do It

3. And finally two longtime friends ran their first half marathon this weekend. Christine had never run more than 10 miles in her life and had only run that far once, last weekend. She texted me at the 10 mile mark stating, "From here it’s uncharted territory." And then she finished. Running.

Karen posted this on her facebook page one week ago: "Wiped out on wet tile at Pei Wei...wearing heels...really fell hard...graceful not! Knee is black and purple but swelling is way down. Have a splint on my ankle. Doesn't hurt as much as it did. Thanks for asking!" And then she finished. Running.

So for all of you still out there wondering, contemplating, worried, here are some deep, important, and terrifying questions for you to consider at this post: 40 Questions to Refocus your Mind.

In my 7 years of doing the Danskin Triathlon, I have been faster and slower, fatter and thinner, better prepared and worse, largely alone, surrounded by friends, injured, healthy, tired, sweaty, exhausted, frustrated, tearful and joyful. The race has been longer and shorter, hilly and flat, hot and cool, crazy crowded and blissfully open. But not once, not even one time, did I start a race without being at least a little afraid. Even now, after all these years I worry. That’s the nature of this thing. Yes they changed the course. There will be hills and an unfamiliar lake. At the start my heart will be racing, and I will be worried. And then it will start, and I will have a thousand other things to think about. And whether I am my fastest or not, whether I walk up those hills or run, at the end of that race I will have answers to a lot of those 40 questions.
I may have something I am proud of. Or I will have learned something about myself (I learn in every race). I will be sure, in that moment, that I can do a triathlon. I will have once again overcome my fears.

It’s up to you. There are 11 weeks. You still have time to make this happen, but this week is the last week I will ask. So decide for yourself once and for all. Will you make this Mission POSSIBLE?

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