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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Of Pirates and Princesses

“Why does everybody make things so complicated?” ~Avril Lavigne

Look at these children.  They are family members and the children of friends and they have had so much fun this weekend.  They have been running races and earning karate belts and skiing. Their happy faces tell the story of fun and accomplishment.

Remember when you were a kid?  You ran everywhere you wanted to go.  You only walked when you were tired.  You sat down when you were forced.  You ate what was offered and you were always so hungry by dinnertime.  Your first question was always, what's for dinner? You fell asleep as soon as you stopped moving and slept long and hard.  You didn’t worry about anything much.  You just went through life all out.  It was simple. 

Carrie and Steve Lopez
Tam and Jason Marshall
Grown up life is much more complex.  We work, we worry, we manage our time, struggle with doubts about ourselves, handle a thousand tasks and decisions, and develop complex relationships. And somehow in all of this we forget all the joy we took in running off to play, in just going all out.  
Nicole Kanouse
 Quincey Vieling and
Brian Upshaw
The past couple of weekends, many of my friends decided to play.  They were princesses and pirates in races all over town.  For some, it was a first race, for others, a tenth or fiftieth.  Some just wanted to finish.  Others were hoping for a personal best.  All of them ran laps around those folks still sitting on the couch.  Look at their faces.  Win or lose, what you see is pride and accomplishment.  
Michele Pliner
The swag you earn when you run
30 miles in one weekend!
And their ability to run, to play, to ride, to swim, to surf and jump through tires is a gift denied to so many, a gift that each of has in some measure.  It is a gift we take for granted until it is gone. 

I hope that this week you will get out there and play.  Stop worrying about how “good” you’re going to do and just get out the door.  Give it what you can whether it is a run, a walk, a ride, a swim, yoga, spin, weights, skiing, hiking, rock climbing, rowing, paddling, surfing, or pilates.  Play HORSE with your kids or race them to the mail box.  Dance while you do the dishes. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late… Just go out and play.   Start with this song. 

A final congratulations to Sara and Jason Dowdy, Neal Ater, Rose Ray, Jon and Sara Gray, and all the athletes I missed who showed up to play this weekend and are not pictured here. 
You inspire me every single day! 

While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about. ~Angela Schwindt

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